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2023 Year in Review Cover

2023 Year in Review

Dec 26, 2023
A review of what I've accomplished in 2023
LangChain MapReduceChain Explained

Understanding LangChain's MapReduceChain

Apr 30, 2023
A breakdown of the MapReduceChain function in LangChain
AWS Rekognition plus OpenAI

Getting structured data using OCR and AI

Apr 14, 2023
An experiment in using AWS Rekognition and OpenAI to extract structured data
Ruru screenshot and logo

Startup #6 - RuruChat

Apr 9, 2023
A debrief on Ruru, an AI chat-bot that answers all your pet-related questions
MFM Agreement Logo

Building a YouTube Subscription Tracker in 1 day

Mar 18, 2023
I describe my process on building and launching my idea in 1 day
gray laptop computer

Interviewing Experience in SF

Mar 2, 2023
The interview process for an SF startup
An iced-coffee in front of a have a break sign

Hitting pause on the 12 Startups Challenge

Jan 12, 2023
My reasonings behind hitting the pause button on my challenge.
OneEPK Logo with slogan underneath

Startup #5 - OneEPK

Dec 30, 2022
A debrief on OneEPK, a platform for artist to create, manage and share their EPK
man in blue long sleeve shirt holding white smartphone

How To Launch an Idea

Nov 29, 2022
My process on how I go from an idea to launch within a month
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