Justin Rahardjo

12 Startups Challenge

Learn about my journey in creating 12 startups in 12 months.
Ruru screenshot and logo

Startup #6 - RuruChat

Apr 9, 2023
A debrief on Ruru, an AI chat-bot that answers all your pet-related questions
An iced-coffee in front of a have a break sign

Hitting pause on the 12 Startups Challenge

Jan 12, 2023
My reasonings behind hitting the pause button on my challenge.
OneEPK Logo with slogan underneath

Startup #5 - OneEPK

Dec 30, 2022
A debrief on OneEPK, a platform for artist to create, manage and share their EPK
man in blue long sleeve shirt holding white smartphone

How To Launch an Idea

Nov 29, 2022
My process on how I go from an idea to launch within a month
Examples of the images egami generates

Startup #4 - egami.io

Nov 8, 2022
A debrief on egami.io, a social media sharing image generator
Scan to Return stickers with a QR Code

Startup #3 - ifoundthis.co

Oct 10, 2022
A debrief on ifoundthis, a low-tech and low-cost replacement to AirTags and Tile
A screenshot of the Festack Landing Page

Startup #2 - Festack

Sep 23, 2022
A debrief on Festack, a list of different music festivals in Canada
A screenshot of the Beaco Landing Page

Startup #1 - Beaco

Aug 21, 2022
A debrief on Beaco, a physical presence tracker for Canadian Permanent Residents.
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Starting the 12 startups challenge

Aug 16, 2022
Keep up with how I am going with my attempt at the 12 startups challenge