Justin Rahardjo

Arriving in San Francisco

By Justin Rahardjo on Nov 15, 2014
AT&T Park in San Francisco

After almost a day of travel, I have finally arrived in San Francisco, the city by the bay. As we wait for our hotel check-in times and to tire ourselves to minimize the jet-lag we are bound to encounter, we walked the streets of San Fran and tried to soak in the atmosphere.

We first visited Startup House a cool little place where office space and dorm-style living areas are combined in the one building, making sure you don’t need to go too far to work on that next big thing.

Three of us at AT&T Park

From there, we made our way to the AT&T Park, home of the Giants! Here we found that as we grow old, the less fun we are allowed to have. As we are turned away from the slides in a coke bottle structure, having grown over the age of 14…

A few things we have discovered as we walk through the streets of San Francisco, is the lack of helpful audio guidance to cross the road, the cool murals spread around in side-streets, the number of ads for technology (an add for Github on a billboard?!?!), and the combo bus-tram (Trus? or Bram? or Bam?). After all this, I look forward to exploring more of San Francisco and getting to know the Startup scene in this beautiful city!